What I Learned While Remodeling Our Bathroom

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my husband Daniel and I remodeled our full bathroom in our 1983 2-bedroom home. Here are a few things I have learned while going through this process.

Constitution Timetables

Keeping on a schedule during construction is super hard! Especially when you are doing all of the work on your own, you have 2 young children, and work full-time jobs.

This project started as a simple facelift to help sell the house. We were planning on only replacing the caulk around the tub, painting, and replacing the bathroom vent. Well, as Daniel was removing the caulk around the bathtub, rotten drywall started to fall out. We could not in good conscience just seal it back up for the next owner of the house to deal with. So, we gutted EVERYTHING! What was supposed to be a 1-weekend project ended up taking us 5 months. Part of the reason it took 5 months was because we ended up taking a 2 month break initially because our kids’ birthdays were coming up but then, we got COVID, and then we had AMAZING weather that we couldn’t waste.

Drywall Texturing is an art!

Putting up drywall wasn’t too hard but, we spent a few weeks trying to figure out the drywall texture. Before this project I had never textured drywall. After 3 attempts trying to match the swooping texture that is throughout the whole house, we decided to sand, then mud the walls flat, and apply a simple orange peel spray texture.

Not everything was hard

Some of the easiest things about this project were painting and flooring. When we moved into this house 9 years ago we had primed and painted the kitchen, living room, and the 2 bedrooms. We also replaced the 1980’s brown calico carpet with laminate flooring in the living room and 2 bedrooms. Needless to say, both Daniel and I have some experience painting and installing flooring. Also, because of that experience and how small the bathroom is I was less intimidated by painting the entire room.

In the end, both Daniel and I were very happy with how the bathroom turned out. Now that we are in our new home we are planning on remodeling the 2 bathrooms because we miss our old one.

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