Just a Little Life Update

So since I have been super quiet for the last couple of months and May marks 1 year of blogging I think it’s time for a life update. 

As I write this we just celebrated both Natalie and Jason’s birthdays. They are now 5 and 10 years old. Like every year I’m always a little bit nostalgic. It has been a really interesting transition because when Jason turned 5 I was 39 weeks pregnant with Natalie. So experiencing Natalie tuning 5 without being pregnant has been very different. On the other hand, my mind is blown that I have a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old. One of the best things has been watching the kids experience the outdoors through all-new eyes. They are old enough to roast their own marshmallows, and explore on their own. They are also able to play games together collaboratively, and not just Jason playing “baby” games because it’s the only thing Natalie can play that has been pretty rad. 

In March and April, we have also been working on renovating our main bathroom which has been an adventure, to say the least. There will be a full post about it once we have completed the remodel but, as of right now it has been 3 months since we started the project and we are not done yet. I’m hopeful that we can get this project done soon so that we can get other things around the house put back together. There have been quite a few delays in May on this project. First, we had 2 birthday parties back to back, and once that was done the family got COVID. We are still dealing with recovery and I have hopes we can get back to this project and get it done! But, of course, our health is our number 1 priority. 

Since we are close to the 6-month mark let’s take a look at my new year’s goals I posted about in January:

  1. Read 25 books – this is the goal I am doing good at… I am currently reading book #12. Follow me on GoodReads
  2. Post a blog post each month! – I’m not doing too good of a job with this one. The last 3 months have been absolutely CRAZY and being able to sit down and write was a luxury I couldn’t afford. The next 7 months will be better! 
  3. Rekindle connection with my husband Daniel. – Daniel and I have been spending a little more time connecting as a couple in the last couple of months. I think working on the bathroom project has been good for us overall I think.
  4. Reconnect with my children one on one – As for connecting with the kids, I have been trying to do something small with them a little more frequently. This would be painting nails with Natalie and having a good conversation with Jason as we drive into school.
  5. Close my move ring 25 times each month. – Overall I have done a pretty good job. There have been months where I have closed all of my rings and months where I only closed 23 rings but, I am super happy to just keep up with moving my body most days! 

All in all, I think life has been good for our little family. Let’s hope we can enjoy the Southeastern Alaska summer and have some adventures! That’s all for now! 

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