2022 New Goals, Not New Me!

Me with my first halibut in August 2021

As 2022 begins I am looking forward as most people are with the excitement and anticipation of the new year has in store for us heavy in the air. Of course I hope COVID will calm down and we don’t have to hear about it in the present tense any more. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about what goals I had for 2022 and I decided I wanted to go about it in a different way. This year I’m not going in with the attitude of “New Year, New Me!“. What I mean is, I think the person I have become over the last year is pretty good, if I do not say so myself! I have gone inward and found hobbies, compassion for myself, and I’m sure something else but I can’t quite think of anything.

I have listed a few of the goals that I have made for myself for 2022 and by publicly posting them here I hope to have some accountability. 

  1. Read 25 books – since reading was a hobby I picked up in 2021, I am hopeful I can keep going with it! Maybe there will be more book reviews in my future? Who knows at this point. You can follow or add me on Goodreads!
  2. Post a blog post each month! With starting this blog last year, I hadn’t realized the importance of banking posts for those months where the inspiration is low or life gets in the way. 
  3. Rekindle connection with my husband Daniel. – this isn’t as scandalous as it may sound but, 2021 has been a rough one on our marriage. Mainly because both of us have gotten lazy. My hope is to schedule date nights monthly. 
  4. Reconnect with my children one on one – this would be with mini one on one date nights with the kids. Not a huge or grand experience but mostly a chance to have time with only one child at a time. 
  5. Close my move ring 25 times each month. – over the whole pandemic I have gained around 15 lbs. But this goal is more than just to shed some fat. My hope is to have time to clear my head. Get those happy endorphins going! Also, to be more comfortable in my body. 

I would love to hear what type of goals you have for your new year down in the comments! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

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